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Family problems (ironically) kept me away from drinking for a while, but I’m back with a double-shot of boozy fun.

Stiegl Bier – Salzburger, Austria (4.9% alc./vol.)

This dichromatic can grabbed my attention. It’s arguably an asshole technique, because this beer is not particularly pleasant. It is sour tasting, too heady, and leaves me wanting for the end. Filled my mouth with a combination of suds, bitterness, and something to the effect of sadness that only a cold, humid, and appendix-shaped country can create. I honestly had trouble finishing this one. But I’m well below the level of wealth that can tolerate dumping out beer.

London Pride – Fulller’s Griffin Brewery (4.7% alc./vol.)

This beer is tasty.  It’s easily drinkable and pleasant. A decent showing, but in hindsight, not very memorable. It’s slightly above average; if you want to put a number score to this, use whatever sounds respectable to you without getting to far into the upper echelons. It’s worth trying, sure… but like London, it’s sort of grey and overcast at all times.

London Style Porter – Fuller’s Griffin Brewery (5.4% alc./vol.)

Wow, this beer changed my entire outlook on beer. This is the first porter that I’ve ever tried, and to be entirely forthcoming, I fucking love this. Since the start of this article, I’ve tried another porter, and was not quite as impressed by it, ergo, this is my go to porter until I taste otherwise. Definitely recommend.
EDIT: I tried another one of these while sober and it was really good, but not the gift from heaven that I made it out to be at first.

König Ludwig Weissbier- Bayern, Germany (5.5% alc./vol.)

I know just enough German to know that this brew is named after King Ludwig of Bavaria.  If you’re at all familiar with the tradition of Weissbier (white or blonde beer), then this brew will not disappoint. While it’s not the most powerful beer in terms of sharpness or aftertaste, it delivers a warm and inviting texture while giving enough bitterness to show that it means business. Would definitely buy again.

Krombacher Pils – (4.8% alc./vol.)

Smooth and a little bit bitter. This brew was delightfully tasty for a pilsner, and near about the cheapest beer in the rack. I bought four more the next week I liked they so much. I can’t say a whole lot about this one beyond tasty, sorry.

Schnitzer Bräu – Black Forest, Germany (5% alc./vol.)

This beer states that it’s organic and that it’s also is gluten free. I don’t generally care about either of those, since my allergies lie elsewhere, but it’s worth noting that they print it on the label. It’s also about 40% more costly per bottle than other similar brews. The claim is that it’s brewed with the finest miller malt, and my (admittedly inexperienced) palate for malt is inclined to agree with their bragging. This brand isn’t worth drinking at any occasion, but I appreciate that with all the things that they left out… flavour isn’t one of them.

Fun fact, I struck up a conversation about this import beer with the curious woman at the cash register. She was interested in it because of the gluten-free nature of the premium beer. She was also an import. Bonus points for implied xenophobia?


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