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Okay, so last week I gave another trio of ales a try, and then couldn’t be arsed to write about it. (Luckily I don’t fire the cans off right away. )This is in no way an apology, I’m merely stating a fact that you couldn’t otherwise know. You’re welcome.

Tonight’s theme would be Pilsners from Continental Europe, but our third beer falls just outside what I can call mainland with total confidence, anyhow, you’ll see what I mean at Google maps.
Beck’s Beer – of Bremen Germany (5% alc. by vol.)

You know the germans make good stuff. Like the Flammenwerfer.

Beck’s is a pale lager that comes to us via the umbrella brand of Anhauser0Busch, whom you may know better for their frat beer Budweiser, and Bud light. Think of this like the foreign adoptee into the family that actually made something of himself. We’ve got a robust flavour, hinted at by a bubbly and lively smell that’s a little sweet. The hop aftertaste is just what you’re expecting, but I didn’t find it overpowering. Sharp at the start, but easy drinking after the first mouthful, when you fully grasp the taste. An excellent offering.

PilsnerUrquell – Plzeň, Czech Republic (4.4% alc. by vol.)

This Bohemian town is the source of the first pilsner style beer. Y’know, because it’s in the name.

My second pick is native to the Czech Republic. This town (Plzeň) has been brewing since the 13th century; the inviting smell and complex bitterness of the taste bear that out. I’ll give them this, after centuries of brewing tradition, they’ve given us a delicious beer that’s a little softer on the palate than most that I’m familiar with. It’s got a rich golden-yellow colour, similar to the previous. Thoroughly enjoyable. Curiously, I found that it retains a sharp taste, but does not punish a fast drinking.

Tuborg Pure Gold – Copenhagen Denmark (5.5% alc. by vol.)

Dammit, we were so close to a running theme.

I’m sorry dear readers, I picked this out before I realized that Copenhagen is not quite included in continental Europe. But I shall press on, because I don’t have a replacement. Also, two beers (however tasty) do not a trio make. The c0lour is true to the name, but I found that the large head dissipated quickly. Despite that, it was very aromatic, such that I can still picture the smell as I type. This lager has a bit more bite, and sort of an odd taste to match it’s bitterness. Perfectly drinkable beer, but clearly not as impressive as the other two. In the words of Woody Harrelson, when asked about a completely unrelated topic, “It’s not the taste, it’s the texture”.

Well, there you have it folks. Two hits and a miss. All I need now is a pithy line about access to the Baltic. Yup, sure wish I had one.


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