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I’ve been awake for a while now, it’s about 21 hours if you’re keeping track, so I feel like I’m qualified to state how smart I am right now.  What this means in a practical sense is that as I experience a greater degree of sleep-deprivation, I gain genius insight at an alarming rate. Now, there’s a lot of math and biological theory that I could point to, but you can’t see my hands right now so that wouldn’t much matter. And that’s not even why I’m here.

I’m here to talk about podcasts. Now, I’m sure many of you are familiar with the idea, and will be rather bored with my perceived rehashing of the topic. That’s fine, I welcome you anyway, and here’s a picture of people that give nearly as many shits about your boredom as I do.

If you're looking for a joke here, you missed the fucking point.

In years gone by, before the internet could deliver porn to your eyeballs with just a few choice keystrokes, and even before popular TV programming loosed its executive bowels upon the collective consciousness of the continent, radio was the primary source of entertainment for those people that had finished churning their butter, or splitting their wood… Or whatever old people did when they weren’t as old as they are now.

The smart money's on sock hops and implied lesbianism. Maybe I'm biased.

Now, when most of us picture radio broadcasts, we think about all-too excited morning disk-jockey that punches up his zingers with sound effects that appeal to single digit IQs. (Or hell, double-digit IQs while I’m on an offending people kick.) But ages ago, it all looked like this.

"...And what's the deal with those crazy Bolshevics?"

While I possess the pale complexion and cartoonish over-bite necessary to enjoy talking into thin air, I like to think that the modern day podcast has radio beat for several reasons.

First and foremost, it’s the aspect of control that colours recent entertainment. Once a person or group decides to host a podcast, they upload it as a regular mp3, perhaps with an RSS feed to keep you posted of the most recent show. Everyone knows that, but here’s the most important part. Out of the podcasts available nowadays, you not only choose when to listen to the hosted files, and in what device, but you can pick from damn near any topic.

I’m talking about current news from worldwide sources, philosophy, food+drink, politics, technology, comedy… I guess sports as well, if you’re into that sort of thing, and wandered in here by mashing keys with your fists. I don’t know, maybe.

Not pictured: subtle humour.

But enough about people I don’t like, you’re still here because you want to know what I do like. Lately, I’ve been checking out a few podcasts myself. Here’s my top 3 current. I will say this first up, they almost always fall under an explicit language tag, so you may want to bring the headphones out for these…

1. Kingdom of Loathing – Now, this is two podcasts if you want to get technical. Mondays is 120 minutes of Jick & Skully. Wherein the primary co-creators of the game shoot the shit, and occasionally get to the questions that their fan-base sends in, while Thursday’s Jick Show is more technical based, and only diverges to shooting the shit most of the time. Either way, these guys have been podcasting since 2004. If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice that this puts them before podcasting was even a thing. Long story short; huge archive, broad topic range, very personable guys. You may not vibe with it if you’ve not played the game.

2. Apropos of Nothing – If you can’t gleam this from the name (then you’re on the wrong blog), this duo doesn’t like to nail down an overarching topic for there show. That’s not really a problem, because the wit and insight that Matt and Salsa bring to each of their admittedly short archive of shows so far is truly impressive. Very funny, very smart, very worth your time to check out.

3. The Nerdist – Interestingly, I heard about this from Matt of the AoN podcast when he visited Skully on a Jickless show a while back. That’s what people do in the podcasting sphere do, they link it all together. And while most would assume that with a name like this, they’ve gotta be big into tech and gadgets, it’s not that obvious. This is a full-time comedy analysis show. Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray, and Matt Mira have had dozens of performers on to discuss how they approach being funny. And here’s the best part about that. It’s neither dry nor clinical. It’s casual, it’s irreverent, and it’s also surprisingly uplifting. Worth anyone’s time!

I’ve also heard from numerous sources online that I should also be listening to the Adam Corolla podcast, and also check out the Idle Thumbs podcast (no longer running). I must admit that I haven’t checked out either at the time of putting this article up. So, I guess that means we both have homework now.

**Cue outro music**


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