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This is not a blog about anything in particular, just whatever catches our fancy is good enough. After all is said and done, I believe that the quality of the writing should always trump the event in question when you’re talking about informal articles. And to that spirit, I present to you:


I can only hope this will be the first of many.

This weekend, I picked up a trio of beers, thanks to the most considerate manufacturers at Molson Coors (By the way, there’s no fucking lite beer to be reviewed here, so don’t be repelled by the name Coors.) who ship their best 12 pack  as three sets of 4. To aid in my choice, it was a bargain-priced $20.81 (about $2-3 less than most 12 packs available at time of purchase), working out to a hair under $1.69 apiece. To aid in my review, I will be be using Final Fantasy 1 characters.

Because I am such a fucking nerd.

Dark Brew. You can really taste the nether-realm.

First up on the agenda is Rickard’s Dark version. This porter style beer is crafted with a maple syrup in the mix. Could there be a more Canadian drink? Well, if you like a strong beer… maybe. At 4.8%, it comes in as the least alcoholic of the trio, but doesn’t suffer in the taste department. Some drinkers may be turned off by the idea of maple, but it’s only a mild aromatic change and taste. And like the Black Mage, it’s low hitpoint count means it goes down easy. I would love to see someone create boozy maple syrup though!

White Brew. You can really taste the rejuvenation.

This wheat ale claims to be crafted with orange peel and coriander. The result is a decidedly sweet smelling beer with a surprisingly crisp taste for a blend using fruit. I enjoyed this beer a lot, and it definitely had more complexity than most blonds that get passed around at a pub, or so I heard. This is the highest booze percent of the group at 5.4%, so it’s reasonably brewed, but not quite up the level of a strong beer. Like the White Mage, however, it’s not just the physical strength that counts for character.

Red Brew. You can really taste the strained metaphor.

5.2% alc. by vol.  puts this beer firmly in the middle of the two other blends by Rickard’s, and of most beers in general. I’ll be completely honest here. The label claims “This remarkably drinkable beer is crafted to deliver a distinctive full flavour”, and while I can give them points for not backing down on the proper Canadian spelling… I’m not so sure what they meant by distinctive. I found this beer to be a much more “generic beer”  than the other two in the power trio. Don’t get me wrong; it’s tasty… But it feels like an odd man out in a group of primarily gimmick-sounding beer.

So, these are all worthwhile beer in my book as an experience. Dark was rich and bold, White was sweet and pleasant, But the Red was probably the most common beer. Y’know the kind. The “I’m going to drink a bathtub of this stuff” beer. Either way you pour it, Enjoy!


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